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Worked on a Nike campaign to promote the 'Red Brick Road' Lebron 14 shoe.

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The colorway signifies the red brick make up of his hometown high school gym where his journey began. A sentiment showing that no matter how big you and your legacy become, you must always pay homage to wear it all started.

Lebron Shoe

The design is dressed in an eye catching color combo in red with black detailing. The mid-sole comes in set white with black speckles on the sides. Nike completes the design on a translucent sole which also offers great traction for the basketball court.

Lebron Shoe Red

The inner tongue lining reads ‘Just A Kid From Akron’  while vibrant red is contrasted by black hints throughout to pay homage to the long road to becoming one of the game’s greats.

Lebron Shoe

I shot the video in three segments where I showcased the shoe in the gym, an outdoor basketball court, and an indoor high school.

Lebron Shoes

The outdoor segment features drone shots of the coastline in southern Kuwait, an outdoor basketball game, and most importantly outlining the red bricks I gathered for the project (3000 to be exact)- giving relevance to the concept and message behind the campaign and colorway.

Lebron Shoes

The gym segment was of my weekly personal gym sessions. I wanted to show the performance of the shoe during my regular resistant training, a method similar to how Lebron trains.

I left the most important segment to the end where I made sure to capture footage of my old high school, where I first started to play team basketball.

Creating content for this campaign was more than just satisfying the client or having fun. This experience took me back to where I started to learn about a game I have grown to love. Basketball has taught me about about comradery , working as a team, and becoming a leader. Life lessons that I try to carry in my everyday life and will continue to pass on. Shout out to everyone who made this possible.

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Behind the scenes


Photographer: @iamtheboss67

Photo Edits: @therealperfectionist

Videographer: @urbanq8films

Music: @thephronetic

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