There’s a certain excitement that comes along with the realisation you have a care package waiting to be opened. I received my first one from Entity about a year ago, where I found clothing in several colours of everything that ranged from hoodies to tees.

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It wasn’t long before I made their grey, white and black high-low tees a basic template for most of my outfits where a more detailed interpretation with other brands was made so much easier. When you develop an outfit idea where the intent is to highlight shoes or a jacket, define the whole ensemble, or even prepare a layered look, the multiple uses for good quality essentials will free you from excessive guesswork and uncertainty.

@Louieknows (Head of Marketing) reached out in April proposing a collaboration where I would design my own capsule with them. I didn’t have to think long before I accepted, given the quality of their clothing as well as the professionalism I experienced when communicating with them. So our first conference call was when we discussed preliminary ideas and did some brainstorming for the capsule. I decided to go with 4 pieces: A black “Dad cap”, denim jacket, black tee, and black jeans. I even managed to tie in a meeting with Entity in LA with a trip to visit a good friend of mine, where Brian (Entity’s creator), with his team, showed me around the city. This included the garment district where I visited fabric stores and a wash house in Downtown LA. By the end of the day we agreed on the fabric and the denim wash for all the pieces. I wanted the capsule to represent my style as well my connection to Los Angeles. This is shown on the side of the dad cap where it reads ‘Kuwait-LA’ and the two last times I visited the city, May 2015 and 2016.

It wasn't until my recent trip to NYC in September that I met up with Brian @heejinbrianlee where I tried on the samples. Everything fit and felt perfect, so we decided to proceed with production.

Working with Entity on the capsule was a natural progression from brainstorming ideas to finding ways to achieve a collaboration. Their professional approach and well-crafted quality garments distinguish their company from those that may not invest in both, and which made it that much more conducive for a collaboration.

Curious about the message or meaning behind the brand, I asked how it was created. The answer gave me a glimpse into someone who understood both the success of a family business established through hard work, and also the desire to succeed by developing new segments from that business into a separate enterprise. This can only be built on its founder’s sense of individuality, independence of vision, and belief that one could go beyond well-established structures. On reflection, maybe then you’d figure out that there will always be challenges, but when you focus on what you are good at and distill parts of something old and try them in different new ventures, you are likely to create innovative ideas. And so, in spite of roadblocks, if you leverage your talent and experience to reach your goals and pursue it with passion, you’re already setting a milestone to creating an entity that is uniquely meaningful to you, and living a life where you can be your own. 

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Photographer: @ahmedmekki
Photographer: @xrithesh
Video: @pavlessio

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