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I recently got promoted.

I received the honour as CEO at an event which hosted the main players within the company I work for.

I’ve included my acceptance speech below:

"Tonight, I will be speaking about a few qualities I have adopted through my family members, mentors, colleagues, and friends. Qualities that I will carry with me and apply to my approach in leading us to continued success and prosperity.



It was not long ago when we moved out of our brand new offices in Egaila and into what was then an unpresentable warehouse in Ahmadi.

We sometimes had to use my office as a makeshift conference room which had to house close to 15 people.

Our managers (including myself) were told to take pay cuts, and many employees left because they thought we would soon fold and crumble.

It was faith that allowed me to stay optimistic and hopeful for a brighter future. I commend everyone in this room who believed that we could overcome the worst and fight towards the light.



We all sit here today as part of a company which holds over half of a billion dollars worth of contracts.

We must pride ourselves as pioneers. Pioneers that have paved the way for technologies that the region has never seen.

We have a production facility division that includes numerous built sites which were the first of their kind and have proven to be able to generate production beyond expectations.

Our oil field services continue to be our bread and butter and compete with the likes Schlumberger and Weatherford - having the most market share in WT and more installations than Weatherford in our SRP contract.

Our thriving commercial division continues to grow by adopting new technologies and teaming up with renowned principles. All to allow us to introduce products and services that are in line with our client’s strategies.

We also must look forward to state of the art Fabrication division that will be operational by early next year, a JV with a reputable logistics company from Erbil, and the expansion plans we have for our services in Abu Dhabi.

This is an exciting time for us and I am confident in saying that I envision us as being one of the leading oil and gas service companies not only in the region, but globally.


Vision & Empathy - C Level


I spent my first year on the oil field getting to know the nature of our business. I dedicated months to driving to site in order to fully grasp our operations.

It was on the field where I learned about the harsh conditions 90% of our work force face on a daily basis.

I am talking about men who spend hours in the scorching heat, working through dust storms in order to create revenue for us and put food on the table for their families.

It was during that time where I learned about the importance of Empathy. And with Empathy, I have learned to value two other qualities - Humility and Gratitude.

In being a good leader, you not only must be revenue driven , but must be compassionate and grateful at the same time.



I have learned a lot in the last 6 years with this company.

I have learned that intelligence will help get you noticed.

I have learned that hard work will bring rewards.

I have learned that the experienced broaden your network and bring wisdom.

I have learned that being grateful boosts morale.

I have learned that being a good listener helps gain perspective.

But most importantly, I have learned that trust and integrity is what it takes to fully succeed.

I have learned that integrity is not just a quality that defines you as a true leader, it’s what defines you as a person"

I set out to be in this position by the age of 40. I am grateful to have gotten there a lot earlier.

Shouts to everyone who’s believed in me.


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